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  • Unique DMA Research

    on Data

    The DMA’s Data-Driven Marketing Institute commissioned the first study quantifying the value of the data-driven economy.

    Read the study
    Learn how data-driven marketing contributes to U.S. revenues and jobs.


    Customer Engagement
    in Insurance

     Download white paper


    New research available for Life and P&C insurance carriers shows the impact of customer engagement on KPIs.


    In this free white paper written in partnership with 1to1 Media, learn how an effective consumer engagement strategy:


    • Increases cross-sell for consolidation or purchases of additional policies
    • Reduces shop-around activities at renewal
    • Increases loyalty so even price increases won’t matter
    • Creates trust with your policyholders


    KBM Group also presented a webinar with Insurance Journal for the P&C market sharing the research results. View the prerecorded webinar.


    Data Governance

    KBM Group co-sponsored this important research by the Winterberry Group and DMA into the future of data governance. This paper, The New Rules of the Road: Marketing Data Governance in the Era of “Big Data” discusses the increasing use of – and responsibility for – information assets. The researchers explore the current state and future evolution of marketing data governance strategies including the five key actions marketers should take to build a strategic data governance capability.


    Data Versus Creativity

    WATCH VIDEO: Slavi Samardzija, Chief Analytics Officer of KBM Group and Wunderman, spoke with Ginger Conlon, Direct Marketing News’ editor-in-chief, at DMA 2013 on the misconception that data and creative are at odds. Slavi points out that it takes a lot of creativity to process, manage and gain insights from data, and that the two should go hand-in-hand to create ideas for clients.


    2013 Data Catalog Available

    If you haven’t considered the AmeriLINK® consumer database lately as a list source, look at our latest data catalog and discover the scope of our data services. As an original source compiler for over 35 years, we collect data from primary sources. We compile data at the individual level, then household it so you can target consumers at the individual, household or address level, custom­izing your offer and message to the likely decision-maker. Call 866-275-4526 or email sales@kbmg.com for your copy.


    Social Media Research on Medicare Marketing

    KBM Group’s  research paper details our recent social media study of online conversations about Medicare. “The Medicare Consumer Online: Listening to the Conversation,” describes the research findings and the online dialog about Medicare and health care reform, and introduces the state-of-the-art listening platform methodology developed by KBM Group’s Marketing Intelligence group.